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So you need some help.   Let us help you navigate your way through the process.

The most basic of questions as you consider your caregiver requirements is:  Do you want to hire directly or do you want the agency to be the employer?  This is an important question, heavily influenced by your lifestyle, flexibility requirements and most importantly your budget.    Below we have provided a ton of good information to help you understand the ways we can support your decision making.    And the costs and timeline involved.  Contact us to arrange a non obligation personal consultation.  

Direct or Via Agency 

There are basically two different ways that you can engage a caregiver or nanny   - direct or via agency.  

In a direct relationship, you are the employer.  You are directly responsible for payroll and benefits processing, work permit administration as applicable, sick and vacation leave and replacements.   Via an agency placement, the Agency is the Employer and typically will have a full team on staff that can alter the level of care available to you with any progressively debilitating medical conditions.   Agencies will manage payroll and all elements of the employment relationship and will send replacements to cover sick, weekend and vacation leave.  Using an agency resource, will be cheaper to implement but will cost about 25% to 30% more on an ongoing basis than a direct hire relationship. 

See Cost Illustration - July 2020

Your Responsibilities as Employer 

As the employer, your responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Payroll Tax
  • Social Insurance 
  • Private Pension* 
  • For Live in placements, policy requires that caregivers are paid on a net basis. There are to be no deductions. Employer funds 100% of all costs. 

See Cost Illustration - July 2020

The  Employment Contract 

The Contract is the most important element of your employment relationship. It must capture the expectations of the role and your chosen caregiver.   It should further speak to some more modern day considerations such as a cell phone or social media privacy policy, medical / covid testing etc.   For assistance developing an ironclad contract document, contact us by clicking below. 

The Immigration Process

About 80 % of the full live in caregiver / housekeeper positions in Bermuda are held by non Bermudians according to the last labour survey.   Given the prevailing shortage of qualified Nursing Aides, families should be prepared to manage the costs and administration of a work permit filing.  We can fully manage the process for you to relieve you of the stress and hassle.   For a full price / service scope, please email us today. 

Documents / Forms that you will need: 

TCG Checklist - Requirements for a Work Permit 

Work Permit Fees / May 2020

Standard Work Permit Application

Short Term Work Permit Application 

Permission to Reside & Seek 

Meet Lani

Consultant, Special Projects (POEA)

Ethos Care, through its parent, The Catalyst Group, is able to complete 

a smooth immigration process for families hiring a Caregiver from the Philippines.    As the fully accredited POEA agency in Bermuda, we are able to provide the necessary exit visas to allow your caregiver to arrive in Bermuda on a fully compliant basis. 


Call us today at 295 5533 or 824 POEA (7632) to set an appointment to meet with Lani.   Lani can help with exit pass, OEC, US Visa and the preparation of a POEA compliant employment contract.

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