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Certified Caregiver FT

Anna Marie joins the team with more than 8 years of professional experience as a Caregiver in Bermuda, after completing the Nurse's Aide program at the Bermuda College. 

With a background in cosmetology and personal care, Anna converted her love of people and well being into home healthcare for senior clients needing companion, personal and skilled nursing care in their homes.  Anna holds specific dementia training and has experience with all dementia types.  Anna's care extends to many families with children or of special needs. Anna has a Bermuda Drivers License and an impeccable driving history.  And given her heritage is a fantastic Chef!  Comfortable with animals, Anna is an excellent, compassionate, patient caregiver.  Anna is registered with the Bermuda Nursing Council.      FutureCare Personal Care reimbursement eligibility is currently pending. 

Physically fit, strong and able to manage those with mobility challenges, Anna is a resourceful, trustworthy carer with an infectious "islander" personality.  Clients love her!  Available for minimum 12 hours weekly. 

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 On Call Sitter PT

Holding a Master of Education degree from the University of North Florida, and employed during the stand​ard school year as a Middle School Learning Strategist, Chardala supports our vacationing families during the summer time as an active, engaging, Bermuda ambassador with a love and passion for children! Chardala is available to support up to 20 yours per week days and weekends. She loves crafting, hiking, travel, and the beach! She is the hands on sitter that children of all ages quickly come to love. Has years of experience with newborns and infants and is fully certified CPR, Basic Life Support and First Aid. And has further qualified SCARS. Holds a valid drivers license with an impeccable driving history for the “on the go” family, fair cook, comfortable with dogs and all technology. Available for limited homeschool, summer academic support. 

Chardala makes her home in Pembroke.    To book time with Chardala, please click here. 


 On Call Sitter PT

Holding a degree in Social Work and a TESOL Teaching Certificate, Danielle has years of experience working with and supporting children and families to include experience as an Educational Therapist with Bermuda’s public education system. Subsequently, Danielle has worked in a number of related jobs in Ontario, Canada. Danielle has spent the last 10 years homeschooling her children, working as a LifeCoach and teachig English as a Second Language to Korean students via a robust online platform. A lover of travel, the arts and music, Danielle is the ultimate adventure! Danielle has the most infectious, loving personality; and is comfortable with children of all ages. Where Danielle has been a mother of 20 years, she offers solid comfort and instant confidence to the new stay at home mother or to the mother of a visiting family.

Danielle makes her home in Pembroke.    To book time with Danielle, please click here. 


Child Caregiver / On Call Sitter PT

Equipped with a degree in Human Services, an amazing tour with Up with People and 2 years of teacher experience with 3-4 year olds, Bermudian Kayla joins the team as an On Call Sitter / Nanny.     Such an infectious personality that the little ones simply fall in love with.    Parents too!    Youthful, creative, lover of the outdoors and the finest Bermuda ambassador!    Lover of the the arts, music, and community giving.  Very strong swimmer.   Loves animals.   Holds a Bermuda Drivers License an impeccable driving history.  

Full First Aid, CPR and Basic Life Support Certified.   Also SCARS certified.   Lives in Pembroke.

To book time with Kayla, please click here. 


Caregiver / Nanny / Housekeeper FT

Local favorite Jade is no stranger to so many caring families in Bermuda given her time in Bermuda as a Nanny / Housekeeper.   Highly trained, with more than 15 years of experience, 3 years in Bermuda -  with a temperament that is patient, kind and generous - Jade seamlessly supports the busiest of households.  

Jade is fully certified TESDA, holds First Aid, Basic Life Support and CPR.  Also holds SCARS certificate.   

Mother of two late teenagers, Jade is a fair cook, great housekeeper and gets around on her scooter.     She exudes a calm, competent and confident demeanour that instantly instills trust with each family that she supports.    Absolute fluency.  Excellent computer / internet / communication skills.  Knows her way around Bermuda and is comfortable with a busy 50 hour work week. 

Healthy, physically fit, non smoker, subject to bi-weekly covid screening.  Lives Pembroke.  

To find a caregiver or a nanny that works for your family, tell us about your requirements. 


Child Caregiver / Nanny PT / Sitter 

21 year old Bermudian Katrina is a  ball of fun!   Sure to be loved at minute of meeting the little guys with a rapport building skill that only one truly in love with children can have.  Katrina joins us as a Nanny having a year of professional experience as a Teacher at a local nursery school and 5+ years teaching swimming as a Swim Instructor with Swim Instinct, Warwick, Bermuda.  Katrina is currently pursuing formal qualification in Elementary Education with Ashworth College / Online. 

Katrina holds some special needs experience.   

Further, Katrina is First Aid, CPR and Basic Life Support certified and has been fully COVID 19 / Screened.    Strong swimmer.  Loves dogs. Best with infants 1 - 4 years.    A delight to know!  Healthy, non smoker. 

To find a nanny for some day or evening time in home support, tell us about your requirements here. 


Child Caregiver / Nanny PT / Sitter 

31 year old Filipina national Michelle is a blushing bride and newly indoctrinated “onion” having recently married Bermuda and settled in Devonshire.  . Having more than 10+ years of experience as a Nanny / Housekeeper – both live in and live out - in the Philippines, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, we are so pleased to welcome Michelle to the Ethos team to support our busy professional families here in Bermuda.

Given such a loving communication style, Michelle instantly builds rapport with children of all ages and with the most anxious babies! Able to instil the confidence that parents need to trust a caregiver.

Absolute written and spoken English fluency and superuser of modern technology platforms. Very loud “can do” attitude, good cook, excellent housekeeper and comfortable with dogs. Not really a swimmer. Fully First Aid certified.   Has general availability M-F.   

To find a nanny for some day or evening time in home support, tell us about your requirements here. 


Caregiver / Nanny / Housekeeper FT

Fully trained as a Civil Engineer, it took 7-8 years for Filipina Mayra to answer her true calling - a career that focused on children!   Mother of 2, Mayra, 44, recently joined the Care team and is available for engagements.  Skilled and trained to provide care to the very young and the not so young, Mayra is a joy to know. She demonstrates the most thorough, compassionate care regime with the most meticulous focus on all the relevant details.   Mayra is fully certified TESD (Caregiver / Housekeeper certification) and holds First Aid, Basic Life Support and CPR certifications.


Mayra is a talker, loves to watch tv and play board games.  Loves the physical engagement with infants to toddlers.  Not a driver or swimmer. But good housekeeper.  Not a smoker. Healthy, physically fit, healthy, discrete caregiver available for a full live in engagement or a 40 hour work week.   Subject to weekly covid testing.  

To find a nanny or caregiver, tell us about the requirements of your family . 


Caregiver / Nanny / Housekeeper FT

To find a nanny or caregiver, tell us about the requirements of your family .To find a nanny or caregiver, tell us about the requirements of your family .Its a true testament to the success of our recruitment and selection process when clients request our carers by name!  Tesha is one such name called often, very often!   Jamaican by birth, but has through marriage,  become a true onion!   The mother of two young girls, Tesha has the most resourceful personality and knows exactly what to do with small children on that dark wet day!   Equally a lover of the outdoors and being on the go, Tesha is the perfect escort for playdates at Botannical Gardens,  Book Babies at the Children's Library and that Kindermusik class that mom cannot do!    


Fully certified having completed the Bermuda College Nurse's Aide program and is registered with the Bermuda Nursing Council, thus eligible for both Personal Caregiver and Skilled Caregiver reimbursement.  Healthy, physically fit and subject to weekly covid testing.


Available for a FT or PT engagement / minimum 20 hours weekly.  Some Nights and alternating weekends okay.   Live out only where Tesha lives in Warwick.   Has a BMD drivers license (has her own car), with an impeccable driving history. 

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