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  1. You will receive an acknowledgement of your inquiry within 3 hours of receipt.   Thank you !
  2. We will submit to you the profiles and supporting credentials files of carers that fit your requirements. The credentials file will include a resume, references, medical certificate / Covid 19 screening result.
  3. We will confirm terms either on an "on call" or "contracted".    We are focused on 1) each Carer supporting one home in the near term to ensure the absolute safety of each Carer and the families we serve and 2) ensuring employment consistency to our dedicated full time caregivers.
  4. On Call services are available on an äs you go basis" where the client chooses days and times as appropriate by completing a sitter booking form   Though clients may suggest preference for any particular Carer, Carer assignment is not guaranteed.   Client retains absolute flexibility on a week to week basis.
  5. Contracted clients will fully commit to a fixed weekly schedule for a minimum 3 month period with select Caregiver.   Minimum hours 12 hours weekly for caregiving.   Termination of contract requires 2 weeks notice. 
  6. The hourly fee as contracted includes fully the cost of benefits, taxes, work permit administration where applicable. There are no other fees to apply.  Contracted clients will generally receive favorable fee consideration which is to be a function of total contract hours.
  7. Payment for services - for contracted clients -  is collected / charged on a weekly basis, in advance - each Friday!
  8. Payment for services - for on call clients - is collected at booking.   On call clients who use us regularly or on an ad hoc basis are encouraged to file card details with us where the relevant charge will be made only on the day of service.
  9. Payment is by credit / debit card.   We accept MasterCard & Visa Only.   
  10. Where the pandemic and conditions of work remain fluid, we will continue to be guided by the Ministry of Health and the CDC.   You may review our covid policy here. 

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