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Frequently Asked Questions By Visitors - Sitters & Nanny Bookings


How soon in advance do we need to book a Sitter?

If needing a sitter for one evening or dinner reservation, 2-3 days notice is more than sufficient time. If you require a sitter on an extended basis, like over a 5-7 day vacation, the earlier - the better! For newborn care and any special sitter requirements, we like early bookings!

What is the rate for an in-room sitter?

The rate varies. Certain hotels have negotiated special rates for their guests. Any booking which extends for 20+ hours over a 7 day period will receive a 10% discount.

What hotels do you support?

Our services are available throughout Bermuda. We have several exclusive contracts with certain hotels and guesthouses where we afford preference and special pricing to guests, but generally are happy to support all families and visitors in Bermuda!

Can you send a sitter to a yacht?

Of course, though the guests / client will have responsibility for returning the Sitter to the dock at the end of the engagement. Call 295 2273 for further details. Special pricing to apply.

Our little one has special needs. Do you have someone that can manage?

Yes, we do have several carers holding specific caregiving certifications. These carers are trained and experienced and can manage the needs of children needing extra special care! If you need a specialist carer, we strongly encourage making a reservation as early as possible.

We have a newborn and I'm a little nervous...

And we understand that! All of our carers have more than 200 hours of chidlcare experience, are First Aid Certified and some have worked as full time nannies / Caregivers and hold senior level qualifications and experience. Many of our girls are moms as well so know all too well the anxiety that can sometimes be created when mom and dad seek a little time alone! Most importantly, we spend a lot of time during the recruitment process in ensuring that our Sitters are the most compassionate, caring, dedicated Carers who genuinely love people and adore children. Being a Care Sitter can never be a "job". Luckily, these types are so easy to discern and do not make a part of our Care team.   To ensure that we assign the best sitter to your family, we welcome  your care reservation even before your plans are fully confirmed to ensure a specialist carer is available to you.

Do you have an overnight rate?

Generally not. We normally bill on an hourly basis only, unless total hours over a 7 day period exceed 40 hours.

Can I get a sitter for the week?

Certainly. Assuming a 40 hour work week, we will offer a flat rate.

We will be out all day, what about lunch hour for the sitter?

For extended sits, we'd expect that the sitter is able to dine with you and/ or with your  kids at mealtime. If a sit is 6 hours and more, the sitter will enjoy a meal on the account of the guest not to exceed $30.00. The sitter will never leave your kids or her responsibilities to your family to enjoy a lunch hour. See what happens if the sitter has a personal emergency.

What happens if the Sitter is called away on a personal emergency?

If the sitter is called away on a family emergency, she will firstly make contact with us to seek onsite availability or coverage. After assessing the emergency and the details of the sit, we will extend every effort to find a solution without disrupting your plans. At the major hotels over a weekend, we routinely have more than 2 sitters on site caring for families and we have further an "on call" team able to step in at a moments notice for any additional requirements or emergency situations.

What happens if I am late returning?

We would ask that you send your sitter a text or email confirming your delayed return. She may have a question about bedtime for kids etc where she will welcome your contact if you will be out longer than expected.

What happens if we come back early? Will I get a refund?

All engagements are subject to a 3 hour minimum charge and where a client returns early (using less hours than booked) a maximum of 1 hour will be credit will be processed.

What happens if we cancel at the last minute?

Where 24 hours notice of a cancellation is provided, there will be no charge for services previously booked. A full refund of the deposit, if one had been taken will be refunded to the family. Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice is subject to a 50% penalty.

Can I tip the Sitter?

Absolutely if you are satisfied with the Care your sitter has provided.   Many of our sitters are part time to us earning a little extra money and some are university students home for the summer, so most definitely appreciate any supplemental tip that you feel comfortable giving.      Standard tipping in Bermuda is anywhere from 15% - 20% but again - its all up to you!   And thank you!