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EThos Covid Policy 

In accordance with strict health department policy guidance in strict adherence to CDC guidelines, Ethos Care has adopted a stringent set of protocols to protect our Caregivers and the families we serve.    Whilst not limited to the following, we have expanded our operational practices and care technique to include reflect the following:   

  •  Workers must stay home if they are sick and will be paid fully for time take as sick, 
  • Screen workers and residents regularly for signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 
  • Immediately quarantine an employee for 14 days where exposure to a client / patient having symptoms or having recent covid exposure is confirmed.    
  • Visitors requesting care must produce a valid negative Covid-19 test result in accordance with the Bermuda testing protocol for visitors.
  • Caregivers are to be tested weekly and reporting available to the contacting family. 
  • Caregivers can support a maximum of 2 families over the course of one week.   
  • Caregivers are to have showered maximum 1 hour prior to scheduled sit. 
  • Caregivers must maintain a fair social distancing regime as applicable during the course of an engagement. 
  • Caregivers must wash hands and disinfect (using alcohol based sanitizer) frequently during the course of care delivery. 
  • Caregivers will use protective face covering during the duration of the sit.   
  • eThos CAre will maintain robust records and reporting platform to afford a full tracking schedule. 
  • All Care engagements -  min 4 hours / 12 hours weekly.